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Ship service medical attendance ensures the health and well-being of crew members and passengers while at sea. With onboard medical facilities staffed by qualified personnel, this service offers immediate response to emergencies, routine healthcare, and health promotion. From primary care to medical evacuation coordination, ship service medical attendance adheres to international regulations and maintains comprehensive medical records. Continuous training ensures medical personnel are equipped to provide compassionate care, ensuring safety and security on maritime journeys.

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Onboard Medical Facilities
Qualified Medical Personnel
Emergency Response
Primary Healthcare
Medication and Supplies
Medical Evacuation
Medical Records Management

Health Aboard, Safety Assured

Our service medical attendance ensures the well-being of crew members and passengers at sea. With expert medical personnel and fully-equipped facilities, we provide comprehensive healthcare services, from routine consultations to emergency response. Committed to safety and compliance, our services adhere to international maritime regulations, ensuring peace of mind for all onboard. Trust us to keep you healthy and safe throughout your maritime journey.

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