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URANUS MARINE has a network of stockists and suppliers to provide all kind of ship stores with the best quality at very competitive prices. We are able to prepare and deliver supplies at short notice, taking into account the turnaround time of vessels visiting our ports. We pride ourselves on being reliable and being able to cater to your specific needs by using our wide network of service partners in the region, in order to not only service you in the UAE, but also to provide supplies at other ports as well. We have build a highly skilled, motivated and fully trained team to assist you fulfilling your vessel requirement. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and always welcome customer’s feedback to help us continuously improving our services, therefore we diligently work to find ways to improve the business of our customers at sea. 


Driven by a passion for the sea and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in our ability to adapt to evolving industry demands and technological advancements.

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Through rigorous analysis and strategic decision-making, we’ve navigated challenges and capitalized on opportunities, achieving remarkable success in the industry. Our focus on data-driven approaches has enabled us to innovate, optimize operations, and deliver exceptional value to our customers.

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